For: Security Vendors

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Blue Cycle works with Security Vendors around Go To Market, scaling security integrations, cloud architecture and more.


Go To Market, Channel, Microsoft/AWS/Other Partner Programs, Architecture


Multi-Tenant Security Data Pipeline Modernization with Cribl or Custom Architectures/Technologies

Integration Factory

We have 100s of security product ingest and API automation patterns to accelerate integrations into your product.

Security Product Integration Factory

Our Security Product Integration Factory can assist cybersecurity vendors and MDR providers to reduce their "Time to Integration". Why reinvent the wheel?

Blue Cycle has almost 10 years of cyber product API integration wisdom experience. We are different that most integrators as we not only understand the the APIs, but we understand the data, as well as most security product integration use cases.

Benefits of working with Blue Cycle:

  • We meet you where you are.
  • Assistance with building your integration methodologies or learn your existing integration patterns and work side by side to deliver integrations quickly.
  • Access to proven cloud architecture patterns.
  • Strategies to mitigate the pitfalls and risks associated with most APIs in the market today.
  • We have common libraries enabling a focus on the code that matters.
  • Single or Multi-Tenant focused.
  • We ship integrations in Python, GoLang, Node, and PowerShell
  • Advanced features like metrics, retries, caching.

Examples of Recent Projects:

  • Blue Cycle delivered over 40 GoLang ingest services to a cloud native Silicon Valley company based on their internal service pattern for ingest into Cribl.
  • Blue Cycle planned, created, and delivered Microsoft Sentinel Content Hub solutions (GreyNoise, ThreatConnect) which include Azure Functions, Workbooks and Playbooks to integrate Security Products with Microsoft Sentinel SIEM. We can do this for your product!
  • Blue Cycle built over 15 Lambda based product integrations and designed the AWS Architecture including caching, secrets management, and multi-tenancy; supporting on demand provisioning and configuration of each integration.

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Security Data Pipeline / Event Ingest Optimization

Blue Cycle can review your data pipeline/ingest process and recommend architecture and process improvements to simplify and reduce ingest costs. Benefits include:

  • filtering and routing of data to multiple use case based destinations (e.g. SIEM and data lake/S3)
  • Transformation and reduction of data
  • Replay of data
  • Manage data sources across 100s, 1000s of tenants

Blue Cycle also has a catalog of Security Product integrations in Python and GoLang to enable non-native data sources into Cribl or other data pipeline tooling. We can enable ingest in AWS, Azure, GCP or Kubernetes.

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SecOps Advisory Services

Blue Cycle frequently engages to build and improve upon:

- Security Use Case Design Process/Onboarding
- Detection Engineering Requirements Process
- Data Onboarding Process
- Threat Modeling Process
- SIEM Architecture

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