Enterprise SecOps

We meet you where you are

Since 2014, Blue Cycle Founder JP Bourget and the Blue Cycle team has interacted over 300 SecOps teams and engaged with over 50 teams across MSSP and enterprise clients. We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t and what the top 10% of SecOps teams are doing to keep ahead.


Embrace new approaches to security data, detections, and architectures.

Measureable and
Data Driven

Designing systems and processes that we can monitor and improve. Tying outcomes to data.

Embracing the
Developer Mindset

We are entering an era where integration, automation and nimbleness are table stakes.


Security Operations Maturity Assessment

We have organized what we’ve learned into a Security Operations Maturity Assessment which — while prescriptive — is designed to meet teams where they are at to provide options to align with the current budget requirements, risk profiles, and appetite of our clients. Many clients end up using the findings of our Sec Ops Maturity Assessment to inform their 1/3/5 year project roadmap, reconsider current priorities, and unlock small changes that provide immediate value to the organization.


Security Data Pipeline Modernization

Blue Cycle can review your data pipeline/ingest process and recommend architecture and process improvements to simplify and reduce ingest costs. Benefits include:

  • filtering and routing of data to multiple use case based destinations (e.g. SIEM and data lake/S3)
  • Transformation and reduction of data
  • Replay of data
  • Enable SIEM PoC

Blue Cycle also has a catalog of Security Product integrations in Python and GoLang to enable non-native data sources into Cribl or other data pipeline solutions. We can enable in the cloud, hybrid or on prem.


SecOps Advisory Services

Blue Cycle frequently engages to build and improve upon:

- Security Use Case Design Process/Onboarding
- Detection Engineering Requirements Process
- Data Onboarding Process
- Threat Modeling Process
- SIEM Architecture