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Blue Cycle Leadership

Blue Cycle is a premium consultancy working with internal security terms and managed security service providers to implement new technologies aimed at improving workflow and processes.Blue Cycle is led by JP Bourget, previous Founder and Chief Security Officer of Syncurity. He has more than 12 years of experience in cybersecurity. With a passion to bring solutions to cyber security teams that saves time and makes life easier, JP works with Blue Cycle's customers and market influencers to drive smooth implementation.

Advisory Services

The team at Blue Cycle has advised, implemented, assessed, or deployed SIEM and/or SOAR to over 300 Security Operations Centers since 2014. We have unique insight to how the top 1% of security teams are operating and we bring that to cybersecurity programs around the globe.

  • Enterprise
  • MSSPs
  • MSPs
  • Startups
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Modern Sec Ops

Most Managed Security Service Providers excel at handling alerts and incidents. We excel leveraging deep API integration experience across 120+ cybersecurity, ticketing, cloud and devops products to realize faster customer onboarding, POCs, and adding new supported tools your MSSPs catalog of supported integrations.

  • Data Pipeline Engineering
  • Managed Azure Sentinel
  • Integration Development
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Managed Solutions

Gone are the days (mostly) of running rsyslog, python scripts with cron jobs, and point and click configuration.

  • Cribl LogStream for Cybersecurity
  • Managed Azure Sentinel
  • StackStorm
  • Terraform modules for SecOps
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