September 17, 2021

Cribl Pack for GreyNoise - Enrich events in real time with GreyNoise Indicators

Cribl Pack for GreyNoise - Enrich events in real time with GreyNoise Indicators

Cribl Stream Pack: GreyNoise Threat Intel Enrichment

This Cribl Stream pack compliments the greynoise-redis-docker solution by Blue Cycle to enrich events in Cribl Stream with a malicious disposition. Due to Cribl's ability to process high event volumes, a REST API cannot handle the volume of queries required to enrich events in real time. Enter Redis (or memcached). This solution keeps a redis instance updated with the latest GreyNoise dataset in order to enrich an IP address from Redis in realtime.

This pack is a collaboration between Cribl, Blue Cycle and GreyNoise.

This pack currently supports a single node Redis cluster that is already running and populated with GreyNoise data. More info on Cribl Redis support here.


Before you begin, ensure that you have met the following requirements:

- You need a GreyNoise API Key with appropriate license that includes approved FEED support, and the associated software package that can populate redis from the GreyNoise API.
- An event with an IP address to enrich.
- The IP address, port, and admin secret for your redis instance.

- When using Redis functions in a pack, if Redis is not available, your pipeline will time out and may affect Cribl performance.
- In order to authenticate to your Redis instance as described below, you will need to configure a `user` or `admin` secret as a text secret in Stream, then select that secret in the Redis function's authentication section. Info on Secrets in Cribl Stream here. Info on Redis Authentication in Stream here. Authentication is currently disabled in the sample pipelines.

Redis Setup

For each Redis function, set up the following:
* filter
** Lookup: Result field: `ex: malicious` (the field to write intel lookup result), Command: get, Key: event field you are looking up, Args (not required)
* Redis URL: redis:// (redis://<IP>:<port>) (use `rediss://` for TLS -> note the two s's in `redis`)
* Secret: redis admin/user account secret
More info on setting up redis functions can be found in the Cribl Stream docs [here](

Using The Pack

IPv4 Enrichment Method (Using Palo FW Log Samples)

1. With the Redis function configured above, enter the event field with an IPv4 address in the `Key` field for your redis lookup.
2. In the `PAN-Traffic-Enrich-Src-v1` example pipeline in this pack, we use a PAN firewall event, and are doing a lookup on the `source_ip` field, and returning our result to a field called `malicious`.

One could use a similar Redis function to enrich any IP address in an event and return the result to any field name desired.

## Release Notes

### Version 0.1.5 - 2023-01-24
- Fix findings for pack approval

### Version 0.1.3 - 2022-12-20
- Initial public release for performance and QA testing.

## Contributing to the Pack
To contribute to the Pack, please do the following:

Reach out to @JP Bourget on Slack to discuss.