Blue Cycle


Automation Development

Blue Cycle provides automation development services for organizations interested in orchestrating workflows for cybersecurity, devops, devsecops, data pipeline engineering and cloud or on prem IT operations. One of the technologies we have shipped many successful projects with is StackStorm (ST2)

High Availability StackStorm Deployments

HA Ansible Subscription (BC-ST2-HA)

Blue Cycle authors and maintains a set of production grade Ansible roles and supporting content to enable turn-key product ready StackStorm HA deployments. This is available on a subscription basis, which includes ongoing updates. Included are:

  • ST2 Controller and Worker isolated roles
  • Ability to auto-scale ST2 Workers
  • Ansible role to support managing packs across multiple workers
  • Enterprise Grade monitoring of ST2, deployed automatically with Grafana and InfluxDB
  • Various extra configurations required in a production/HA environment can be configured during installation, or on subsequent runs.
  • Includes support and break/fix for BC-ST2-HA and ST2 community Ansible modules
  • Terraform module (in beta)

StackStorm Implementation and Support Services

If you aren't ready to roll your own StackStorm deployment or just want to make sure you have thought of everything we offer the following:

  • Architecture, planning and requirements sizing
  • Workflow design and implementation
  • Community Pack support, break/fix, and hardening
  • Custom or new community pack development (150+ built so far)
  • Support multi-tenant use cases
  • Hashicorp Consul support for service monitoring and concurrency
  • StackStorm support plans

StackStorm Pack Development

Blue Cycle has built over 150+ custom StackStorm packs

  • Integration packs (1st or 3rd party) vendor and product specific to one product/API (sensors/actions)
  • Content packs leveraging multiple integration packs(actions & workflows)
  • Hardened/extended community packs
  • All the above packs can be enhanced to support multi-tenancy at the pack level
  • Long term support can be added here